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What is the favourite body type for single men?

By Christina Lorenza News picture

Single men in the dating arena may be wise to avoid gorging on fast food, after it has been suggested thin is in when it comes to male body types.

Polly Vernon, writing for the Observer, states men in general are much more body conscious than they were ten years ago, with bulging pecs,... read more


Tom Cruise reveals trust issues when it comes to dating

By Luke Jackson News picture

Dating can throw up a minefield of emotions and many single men out there could be concerned about trusting a new lady in their life.

Single men who have had their heart broken in the past - or dated someone who really wasn't right for them - might now be worried about who they can trust... read more


Good male grooming could increase chances of dating

By Luke Jackson News picture

The rise of the metrosexual man - such as the well-groomed David Beckham - could appeal to many women, who want their dates to look as though they take care of themselves.

While a number of males - and females - will not want this grooming regime to go too far, turning up to a date with a... read more


Stylish shorts can look cool on a summer date

By Christina Lorenza News picture

Gentlemen, if you are dating this summer, make sure you stay cool.

Sunday paper the Observer has been studying the spring and summer fashions and it urges readers to look for tailored shorts during these warmer months, noting that sale goods may be available.

These types of... read more


What body language signs do you give out on a date?

By Luke Jackson News picture

When you're dating, your body speaks just as much as your mouth and vocal chords do.

And now some light has been shed on the matter by body language expert Judi James, who writes for the Daily Mail.

In the newspaper, she compared the body language signs being displayed by Helen... read more


Single men 'should make time for friends and family'

By Luke Jackson News picture

Single guys with busy lifestyles could be risking their happiness by trying to cram dating, work, family and socialising into their lives, one expert has suggested.

Dr Pam Spurr, happiness and lifestyle coach, said people may feel undervalued because individuals don't take the time to tell... read more


Singles beware - mobile phone multi-tasking may not be your friend

By Luke Jackson News picture

Single men and women with active lifestyles may be used to trying to cram as much as possible into one busy day.

But new research shows dating could be jeopardised if you attempt to arrange meetings or talk about important things while your attention is elsewhere.

Professor Paul... read more


'Top tips for men' to make a single girl feel special

By Christina Lorenza News picture

Single males who enjoy dating may have their chat-up lines sorted and the perfect first-date banter nailed down. But what about ways to make your potential lady feel special?

Self-styled love and dating expert John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, has come up with a... read more


Single girls may have a new secret weapon when it comes to body language

By Christina Lorenza News picture

Single women who've ever wondered about a cute guy's body language could fret no more, according to the designer of a new iPhone app to help people decode body language.

Dating can sometimes be difficult if you're sitting opposite a man who scores highly on personality, but doesn't let you... read more


Single women 'are a force to be reckoned with' in the housing market

By Christina Lorenza News picture

Single ladies are increasingly branching out and buying properties on their own, according to market experts.

While work and dating might seem the more traditional focus of 20-something women, almost a quarter of house purchases in London are made by single ladies, up from 19 per cent in... read more

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