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Older people 'are looking to online dating for love'

By Christina Lorenza

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Older singles are finding it increasingly easy to overcome their reservations about online dating and use it as a means of finding love.

That's the view expressed by Mo Kurimbokus, a counsellor for relationship advice group Relate, who suggested that the internet may in fact be the perfect place for over 40s to meet like-minded singles.

Ms Kurimbokus highlighted the fact that it can be hard to meet other people once you leave university and enter the working world, a problem which online dating can help to solve.

The counsellor also stated that older people have gotten past the misconception that online dating is a desperate last resort.

She said: "Now it is becoming just another way of being able to do something."

This echoes advice from Jim Miller, writer of the Baxter Bulletin's Savvy Senior column, who earlier this month reminded older people that online dating can be just as useful to them as it can to youngsters.ADNFCR-2888-ID-19468665-ADNFCR