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Single ladies advised on the smokey-eye look

By Luke Jackson

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Single ladies looking for that perfect look to snag that special someone they've been flirting with for weeks on an online dating website may be wise to opt for the smokey-eye look while on a hot date.

Sophia Greenwood of Benefit Cosmetics advises thick, black eyeliners are a really popular trend at the moment, but it is important to pick something light to begin with so not to overdo it.

As well as the eyes themselves, Ms Greenwood suggests making the brows thick is a key style this summer. She recommends single ladies who want a touch of inspiration should look to the catwalk to see how to adopt this trend.

She says: "The smokey-eye thing has definitely come from the catwalk. You see on all the catwalk shows the smokey eyes; quite heavy and dark. Lady Gaga has also had a lot of inspiration over the summer. She likes heavy dark eyes and dark make up."

However, it might be worth splashing out on some new makeup for single ladies heading out on a big date, as department store Debenhams recently revealed the average British woman's cosmetic bag is a staggering four years out of date.ADNFCR-2888-ID-19862494-ADNFCR