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It's time to get Personal

Singles 'should put themselves out there'

By Christina Lorenza

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Single women looking to end a romantic slump should just look to put themselves out on the market, according to an expert.

Dr Marcia Owens, dating advice expert for the Daily Record, has advised that the right attitude is the best weapon in a singleton's arsenal when dating.

Instead of obsessing about meeting the right person straight away they should instead focus on getting out, meeting people and having fun.

This, she said, is a win-win situation, as doing so will also make them more approachable and attractive.

The doctor added: "Even if you don't meet someone that time, you will have done something positive … something much better than staying home and feeling sorry for yourself."

Last week, Oakland Suburban News columnist Krystle Laub also advised that relaxing and enjoying yourself is the best approach to dating, as seeming over-eager for a long-term relationship can put many singles off.ADNFCR-2888-ID-19488577-ADNFCR